Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг 2023 – София – Японски кът – изложители (част 2)

Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг 2023 – София – Японски кът – изложители (част 2)

Ела на Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг!

Професионалните възможности и стажантски позиции в трите сектора ще те очакват първо в София – 14 октомври 2023 г. в хотел Маринела! Запознай се с част от фирмите изложители, които ще те очакват за живи срещи в Японския кът.

Eла на събитието в хотел Маринела от 10:00 до 18:00ч. и се запознай на живо с представители на желаната от теб компания!

Регистрирай се и участвай безплатно: ТУК.

PADECO Co., Ltd PADECO Poland Sp. z o.o.

PADECO is a global consulting and engineering company based in Tokyo, Japan. PADECO has been providing universal solutions to various challenges around the world. We believe hard infrastructure ? combined with the design of supporting systems (soft infrastructure) and the development of human resources for operation ? will have a great impact on people’s lives. Together with its clients and stakeholders, we meet these challenges through programs and projects across a wide range of sectors, including transport infrastructure, water and sewage systems, urban and regional development, education and human resources development, industrial and institutional management, information technology, and the environment and climate change. PADECO provides professional services from project conception to completion. Our multinational staff combines extensive experience, technical and managerial skills, and versatility to provide the best solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

e-Jan Networks Co.

e-Jan Networks is an IT company founded in 2020, and has been the number one smart device remote access service provider for the past 12 consecutive years. What we sell is user-friendly remote access with security features that are accepted not only by enterprises, but also by central government ministries including the National Police of Japan. Our main product is called CACHATTO, and the accumulated number of enterprises is up to 1600, and the number of users is up to 800,000. What „e-Jan“ means in Japanese is „that’s cool!“, and our vision is to get as many „e-Jans“ from customers with our exciting products, and proudly spread them to the society. Our products have changed the way people work. Diversity and flexibility are the driving forces behind this unique vision, and we have over 130 employees in Japan and India, with 35 non-Japanese employees. We have also experimented with the way we work. We design, create, and develop our own products, so there is no contract.

Asial Corporation

Asial Corporation is a small boutique development company with global dreams. Our core tech stack includes Web and AI related technologies including JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Python. For over two decades, Asial Corporation has been at the forefront of the digital realm, serving over 200 customers both in Japan and internationally. Our journey in app development led to the creation of Monaca and Onsen UI products, which have since become the leading cloud-based mobile app development environment in Japan, boasting over 300,000 users. Our strength lies in our diverse team, a harmonious blend of Japanese problem-solving techniques with international influences. This unique combination ensures that we approach challenges with a fresh perspective, always aiming for innovative solutions. Our team, comprising skilled engineers and UI/UX designers, is driven by a UX-centric development process, ensuring that the end product is not only functional but also user-friendly.


Soft Road Apps was established as the first Japanese IT company in Serbia, as a subsidiary of Tokyo-based SRA holdings Ltd. Since then, over the past five years, the company has worked on various projects developing new technologies in cooperation with its offices in Europe, the USA, and Japan. Soft Road Apps aims not only to enhance and develop the applications and technologies that the SRA Group has developed so far, but also to explore new business fields and contribute to their development and application.


Yazaki Corporation is a global leader in the research, development, and delivery of vehicle power, data, and display for automotive applications. Yazaki produces wire harnesses, power distribution and control products, connectors, driver information displays, hybrid and electric vehicle products, and sensors. Worldwide, the company employs approximately 250,000 people in 45 countries. Yazaki has been committed to the preservation of the environment for more than 75 years. The company continues this commitment today through the development of advanced electric components for hybrid electric vehicles, the promotion of recycling, and the efficient use of resources.

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