Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг – София – изложители (част 6)

Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг – София – изложители (част 6)

Ела на Дни на кариерата: ИТ, комуникации и аутсорсинг!

Професионалните възможности и стажантски позиции в трите сектора ще те очакват първо в София – 11 октомври 2022 г. в хотел Маринела!

Запознай се с част от фирмите изложители, които ще те очакват за живи срещи.

Eла на събитието в хотел Маринела от 10:00 до 18:00ч. и се запознай на живо с представители на желаната от теб компания!

Регистрирай се и участвай безплатно: ТУК.


Founded in 2002 in Sofia, Euro Games Technology quickly, in the matter of several years, managed to grow into the position of an absolute leader in Bulgaria, as well as a key player in the international gaming casino equipment market.

  • More than 90 jurisdictions worldwide
  • 26 offices all over the world
  • More than 2500 active employees


EGT Digital

We are a modern and forward-looking company subsidized by Euro Games Technology. Using our cumulative experience as a foundation, we constantly evolve in the development of iGaming technology. As a team of highly passionate professionals, we create innovative products, always having in mind our clients’ success.



The Dynata platform, an all-in-one solution for insights, activation and measurement, leverages our robust data, innovative technology and more than 40 years’ experience as a pioneer in consumer and B2B insights. Our vision for the Dynata platform is to automate the entire marketing continuum, with capabilities to target audiences; uncover insights; connect data; activate, measure and optimize campaigns; and analyze, visualize, publish and share those insights to drive your business growth.

We’ve helped more than 6,000 market research firms, brands, media and advertising agencies, publishers, and consulting and investment firms around the world and in every industry accelerate transformation, enable better decision-making, and deliver revenue growth.



ActivTrades is a financial markets broker specialising in trading Forex, CFDs and Futures. Located in City of London’s financial district we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and registered with its fellow national constituents across the European Union.  ActivTrades offers a wide range of products. With the powerful and globally respected MetaTrader platform our clients have access to trading over forty currency pairs in the Forex market plus gold, silver, oil, indices and other commodities. We also offer Direct Market Access (DMA) to the world’s major futures exchanges with a choice of market leading platforms including J-Trader, Strategy Runner, Ninja trader and Pro-Mark.



MobiSystems е българска продуктова компания, която създава и продава собствени приложения за Windows, Android и iOS. Нашите продукти са инсталирани на повече от 500 милиона устройства в цял свят. През 21-годишната си история сме създатели на OfficeSuite, PDF Extrа, MobiDrive, Dictionaries & Translators, които се доказаха като ценни алтернативи на продуктите на Microsoft и Adobe. Централният ни офис се намира в близост до Парадайс Център, като към момента имаме над 190 служители. 

Check out our job openings: MobiSystems Careers

Apex Fund Services

The Apex Group, established in Bermuda in 2003, is the world’s largest independent fund solutions providers. The Group has continually improved and evolved its product suite and offers a full service solution to its clients: from fund administration, middle office, custody and depositary to corporate services and fund platforms.

Apex now administers the investments of some of the largest funds and institutional investors in the world.

At Apex we believe that the most effective representation of the administrator service is to be independent. We are specialists in fund administration, which means our knowledge, skills and experience are concentrated in this one critical area. Instead of diluting our strengths, we focus our strongest talents on helping our clients to excel.


The Sofia Fund Services department began its operations in 2003. Until the end of 2014, it was part of the TMF Group and since December 2018 is part of Apex Group.  Sofia office is committed to operational excellence. Our team consists of experienced, highly educated, flexible, proactive, innovative people who understand the importance of detail and customer relationships. Sofia was selected as the core operational office for fund accounting as we focus on quality and commitment to client service.

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