Meet Cisco – Participant in Career Days: IT, Communications and Outsourcing

  1. What is your company proud of?
    We are very proud of our people and what they do, our culture allows innovation, creativity and even failure (if you learn from it). When you reach the top, you need to work hard to stay there. It requires focus, passion, alignment, and the best team in the industry — and that is who we are. Our core values are our highest ethical standards. We connect the unconnected and we have made a tremendous progress, adapting to unexpected challenges. We love what we do, because even though the task is a large one – we are striving to connect everyone for the betterment of our global society.
  1. What are the main motivating factors for your employees?
    For years, our company has been leading among the best workplaces in the world, according to the employees in the most prestigious and popular rankings. This kind of recognition reminds us that amazing things happen when we collectively care about our customers, teams, and communities. It validates that our focus on embracing transformation, building the best innovation, and culture matters and that the hard work we are all doing each day is making a difference in the way we show up in the market and how we impact the world. Cisco employees are motivated because they know their work has purpose and matters.
  1. What is the main quality of your employees?
    Their passion, thrive to succeed and help others. Our employees are eager what to accomplish next, developing their own skills and knowledge of technologies. Our team members are generous and helpful, that’s why we are truly more “family” than co-workers, and you hear this from a lot of Cisco employees around the globe.
  1. What is your favorite office / home office tradition?
    Cisco has a unique and great work environment. Sites have beautiful locations and surroundings. We’re now witnessing with the new era of hybrid work, but our offices stay well maintained and safely open to host the work process when needed. In Bulgaria we have two offices located at large business centers, that maintain excellent conditions, ambience, and wellbeing of the employees.
  1. What kind of specialists are the new teammates you will be looking for on Virtual IT Career Days 2021?
    We are looking for Software engineers that are as passionate about code as we are. People who combine their personal abilities with teamwork skills to complete tasks or move ahead with projects, developing team mentality. At Cisco we encourage and reward innovations, so the new specialists can evolve in technology. We need openminded team players.
  1. What are the three most important questions you ask during an interview with a candidate?
    How passionate you are to join us would be one of the most important questions we ask. We are looking for motivated people that are passionate about our work and our technology. The second would be your eagerness to be challenged and step into different things as we are constantly moving and learning to be competitive. The third most important question we ask would be how you work and if you thrive when helping others.
  1. Give your advice – how people who will come to your virtual booth to get ready for the chat interview?
    Be yourself, don’t be afraid to be honest and show who you are. Each person is unique, and we bring our talents to work as a team. Cisco truly cares about its people – you can show your true skills, personality, and aspirations to the recruiters. We are hospitable and friendly.


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