Виртуални дни на кариерата 2022 – участници – Paynetics

Виртуални дни на кариерата 2022 – участници – Paynetics

Кариера на клик разстояние на Виртуални дни на кариерата.

На 31 май 2022 г. от 11 до 17 ч. ще се проведе кариерният форум „Виртуални дни на кариерата“.

Участвай безплатно! Необходимо ти е само устройство с интернет връзка и личен профил. 
Регистрирай се за участие:  https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/jobtiger/e/Q8NDg
Нови компании се включват всеки ден, виж кои фирми се представят и с кого може да се свържеш: www.virtual.careerdays.bg/bg/participants
В разнообразието от виртуални събития избери най-доброто!


Why work for Paynetics?

Frustrated with tedious payment procedures? Want to change them for the better?
Excited about fintech as the emerging industry that revolutionizes everyday
finances? Then join the Paynetics team – we are on a mission to simplify payment
solutions and make them exciting and enjoyable.


Paynetics is committed to simplify payments and to provide secure, reliable and flexible financial products for all. Let your ideas leave a mark and enhance the way of payments.


Be part of a team of passionate and enthusiastic co-creators. Founding a fintech association? Introducing pioneering technologies? Bring in your expertise and be part of the innovation that shapes the future of payments.


Technology is evolving. Finances are evolving. And so should your career: as an emerging fintech company Paynetics offers opportunities and perspectives that will allow you to shape the direction of your career as it continues to progress.


There is more to life than work. With many different initiatives and benefits Paynetics supports you in balancing your private and professional lives so you can focus on the passions that excite you.


With a diverse set of talent and offices across countries Paynetics welcomes diversity and individuality. Show your way of thinking to drive future innovations together.

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