Виртуални дни на кариерата 2022 – участници – Sumsub

Виртуални дни на кариерата 2022 – участници – Sumsub

Кариера на клик разстояние на Виртуални дни на кариерата.

На 31 май 2022 г. от 11 до 17 ч. ще се проведе кариерният форум „Виртуални дни на кариерата“.

Участвай безплатно! Необходимо ти е само устройство с интернет връзка и личен профил. 
Регистрирай се за участие:  https://app.brazenconnect.com/a/jobtiger/e/Q8NDg
Нови компании се включват всеки ден, виж кои фирми се представят и с кого може да се свържеш: www.virtual.careerdays.bg/bg/participants
В разнообразието от виртуални събития избери най-доброто!


Work is your playground

Sometimes, it’s nice to have some space for personal growth, you know? We give you plenty of room to learn, get stuff done and cultivate your dream projects.

You are going to love it here, and out there

From the UK and Berlin to South Korea, work from our offices in wherever country you’ve dreamed of going. The world gets bigger and closer – just reach out for it.

Be among the best minds in innovation

We collaborate with new clients, give presentations and attend major world-famous tech conferences. Join us. Make yourself visible and heard, while building prominent connections.

Choose a career path with our support

Your development is our concern. Anything we can share with you or teach you, we will. Unleash your curiosity and help us create the future of software.

Coming from afar? You are welcome

Getting to us shouldn’t be a battle. Our mission is to make your new working life in the EU or the UK as simple as we can, helping you out with any visa or moving issues.

An environment to thrive in

We have nurtured a respectful space, where people are valued and motivated by common goals. We appreciate our team and are happy to support their steps with an above-average „market rate“ salary.

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