JobTiger Ltd. is Hailed by The Manifest Global Awards as 2022’s Best Reviewed PEO Company

For over two decades, we at JobTiger Ltd., have been helping companies shape their operations and reach their goals through world-class HR and recruitment services. Based in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, our team is a firm believer in the power of trust and confidence across everyone in the business — from teammates to clients.

Today, we’re proud to announce and celebrate a wonderful honor that was unlocked by the unwavering support of our partners. A B2B marketplace, The Manifest recently named JobTiger Ltd. as one of the global best recommended and reviewed POE companies this 2022!

“For 22 years in the industry, JobTiger has earned various awards for its work and dedication. Being recognized as a top recommended company again is an exceptionally important achievement since it recognizes the most important aspect of our work – customer satisfaction.” — Chief Executive Officer of JobTiger Ltd.

Nobody can’t deny the power of people. This fantastic milestone represents how much our clients appreciate our work and believe in our capabilities. It’s a pleasure for us to share and dedicate this win to them.

For those of you who are wondering what The Manifest is, it’s an independent business news resource designed to guide SMEs by publishing insightful content. Their very first business award honors the tight bonds that service providers share with their valued clients. The award recipients are determined based on the excellent testimonials and feedback they earned over the past twelve months.

This award validates all the hard work we’ve poured over the years. Thank you so much to every single one of our incredible clients.

This award is for all of you!

Ready to work with JobTiger Ltd.? Connect with us right away and let’s talk about how we can work together. Our team is eager to hear from you!

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