В рубриката #успешният стажант днес ви представяме Цветомир Бановски, QA Analyst в TSD Services

В рубриката #успешният стажант днес ви представяме Цветомир Бановски, QA Analyst в TSD Services

Expanded Career Opportunities and Successful 2020 Internship Season in TSD Services

The 2020 Internship Program of TSD Services has been more than successful as this year the company welcomed four university students to its team, providing them with the opportunity to kick off their careers as part of the Quality Assurance and Marketing departments of an experienced and trusted Bulgarian IT company.

We are pleased to introduce to you one of TSD’s 2020 interns, Tsvetomir Banovski, who has answered a few questions for us, sharing curious feedback about his positive internship experience as a QA Analyst in TSD, which is among the reasons why he will be staying with the company after the internship’s completion. Find out interesting details in the following interview.

  1. Tsvetomir, congratulations on your successful internship completion in TSD Services! This is the company you chose to set the start of your IT career. Can you tell us what your university major is and what was your level of experience before joining TSD’s internship program?

Thank you! I am currently studying Electronics Engineering, which is in many ways similar to Computer Sciences. I had almost no experience in a real working environment when I started my internship in TSD.

  1. How did this internship help you develop your quality assurance knowledge and skills?

The internship experience in TSD gave me a direction in terms of useful QA know-how and skills, teamwork, and organization, and I think this is a great starting point. It made me learn to pay closer attention to detail, which is crucial in the quality assurance field.

The internship also taught me how to work with a variety of software platforms.

Overall, talking to my colleagues is what helped me most in acquiring many valuable practical skills as a QA.

  1. We heard you will be staying with TSD for keeps. Why did you decide to remain a part of their team after the end of the internship?

Yes, I’m grateful that I have been provided with the chance to remain a part of the company after the internship. I really like my team as well as the working environment at TSD. I feel in place and comfortable here and, without any doubt, I can say that I like my job.

  1. What are your expectations in terms of your future career in the company?

Considering that I’m still a university student, I expect that balancing studies and work might be challenging, but I’ve made the decision to go with it and I’m confident that I will handle it successfully. As of now, I plan to continue working in the QA team of TSD. My future goal would be to explore the opportunity to become a developer with the purpose to gain experience in both these sides of IT.

  1. Can you summarize your overall experience in TSD? Would you recommend this internship program and why?

My opinion about TSD is more than positive! I was working from home for the whole internship period due to the current pandemic situation, but even online, everyone has been super friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend TSD to anyone willing to start their IT career in a competitive company, as a part of a skillful and welcoming team!

TSD Services ще участват във Виртуалния ден на „Дни на кариерата: ИТ, Комуникации и Аутсорсинг“ на 21 октомври. 

Единадесетото издание на изложението ще стартира на 8 oĸтoмвpи 2020 г., в София, НДК, ет. 5. Cлeд това cъбитиeтo пpoдължaвa нa 12 oĸтoмвpи в Кoнгpeceн цeнтъp нa Πлoвдивcĸи пaнaиp, нa 14 oĸтoмвpи в Rоѕѕlуn Dіmуаt Ноtеl в гр. Варна, на 20 октомври в Технически университет и на 21 октомври – Виртуален ден – online на платформата на Brazen Technologies.

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